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Lea Kneitner - EOR and PEO expert

We are much more than just a trusted and professional provider of EOR and PEO services!

Welcome to our website! I am Lea Kneitner, an international tax, accounting, and payroll expert, and the owner of TILEA HR & Financial Services Ltd. Through my companies in the TILEA Group, we tackle the most challenging tax, accounting, and payroll cases that demand the highest level of expertise.

Our PEO and EOR services are delivered with this in-depth professional knowledge and experience, which I believe is unique among HR service providers. We primarily serve highly qualified sectors such as IT, engineering, sales, and healthcare. With our comprehensive services, you can get everything from one source.

Here on our website, you’ll find all the essential information about our EOR (Employer of Record) and PEO (Professional Employer Organization) services. Discover the numerous advantages these services offer and learn how to leverage them for your business. Our comprehensive resources will guide you in making informed and rational decisions to optimize your company’s operations.

Explore the benefits, from cost savings and compliance assurance to streamlined HR management and enhanced employee satisfaction. With our expert support and detailed insights, you can confidently integrate EOR and PEO services into your business strategy.

Start your journey with us today and unlock the full potential of your workforce with our reliable and professional EOR and PEO services. What we offer is a clear and stable process with no hidden conditions or costs. Please familiarize yourself with our services and join our satisfied clientele today.

Expertise guaranteed by me!

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Lea Kneitner
international and judicial tax expert / EOR & PEO expert

Our EOR Services – Stay locally, employ globally!

Would you like to employ great experts locally but don’t want to establish a local entity? Do you want to avoid having a local permanent establishment or becoming a local tax resident in a certain country?

Our EOR Services are made for you!

EOR Services - Employer of Record

We Are Proud of Our Unique Expertise!

At TILEA HR, we provide professional EOR (Employer of Record) and PEO (Professional Employer Organization) services at the highest standard. Our strength lies in our extensive expertise as international and forensic tax advisors, allowing us to handle all local and international tax, accounting, payroll, and HR tasks seamlessly from a single source. This comprehensive knowledge sets us apart in the market, as we expertly manage every aspect of international workforce management.

The primary goal of our EOR and PEO services is to reduce the administrative burden on your business while ensuring compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements. Through our EOR services, TILEA HR assumes the official employer role for your employees, handling employment contracts, payroll, tax compliance, and benefits administration. This allows you to employ talent globally without the need to establish a local entity or become a local tax resident. Our PEO services, on the other hand, involve partial or complete management of HR and labor administration tasks, providing support in areas like recruitment, employee relations, and compliance.

Our professional knowledge and experience distinguish us from other EOR and PEO service providers. We offer not just administrative support but comprehensive and integrated solutions that ensure your business operates smoothly and successfully. Our experts stay up-to-date with international tax, accounting, payroll, and HR regulations, ensuring you are always in the best hands.

Choose TILEA HR and benefit from our extensive professional expertise. Entrust us with all your international workforce management tasks and focus on growing your business. We ensure smooth and compliant operations, enabling you to successfully expand your business in the international market.

Key differences between EOR and PEO

The terms “Employer of Record” (EOR) and “Professional Employer Organization” (PEO) both refer to services that help businesses manage employment-related responsibilities. However, they differ significantly in their scope and function.

Employer of Record (EOR)

An EOR is a third-party organization that becomes the legal employer of your workforce. They handle all employment-related tasks, including compliance, payroll, taxes, and benefits administration.

Legal Employment Entity: An EOR becomes the legal employer of a company’s employees. In essence, the EOR hires employees on behalf of your company and leases them back to you.

Global Expansion: EORs are often used for hiring employees in other countries where the original company does not have a legal entity. This makes EORs particularly useful for global expansion.

Handling Compliance: The EOR is responsible for ensuring compliance with the local labor laws, tax regulations, and employment standards in the employee’s location. This includes payroll, tax withholdings, and benefits administration.

Limited Control over Employees: While the EOR handles legal and administrative aspects, the client company generally retains control over the day-to-day management and work assignments of the employees.

Risk Management: EORs can mitigate legal and compliance risks, especially in foreign markets where navigating legal systems can be complex.

Key Differences

Legal Status of Employment: EORs become the legal employer, whereas PEOs share the employment responsibilities with the client company.

Geographical Focus: EORs are more suited for international employment, while PEOs are often used for domestic purposes.

Scope of Services: EORs primarily focus on legal and compliance aspects of employment, whereas PEOs offer a wider range of HR-related services.

Control over Employees: In an EOR setup, the client company has less direct control over employees compared to a PEO arrangement.

In summary, while both EOR and PEO services provide solutions for employment management and compliance, the choice between them depends on the specific needs of a business, particularly regarding the geographical scope of operations and the level of control desired over HR functions.


Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

A PEO is a co-employment arrangement where the PEO and the client company share employer responsibilities. The PEO manages HR functions, while the client company maintains control over day-to-day operations and workforce management.

Co-Employment Model: In a PEO arrangement, employees are co-employed by both the client company and the PEO. The client company maintains direct control over the work and management of the employees.

Focus on Domestic Employment: PEOs are typically used for managing domestic employees. They are more common in countries like the United States, where employment laws can vary from state to state.

HR Services and Support: PEOs provide a broader range of HR services, including payroll administration, benefits administration, HR management, compliance assistance, and sometimes even training and development.

Shared Responsibilities: Liability and compliance responsibilities are shared between the PEO and the client company. The PEO manages many aspects of employee administration, but the client company is still responsible for the workplace environment and operations.

Benefits of Scale: Companies using PEOs can often access better benefits and insurance rates due to the PEO’s larger scale, which can be especially advantageous for small to medium-sized businesses.

Do you know the advantages of our EOR services?

Rapid International Expansion

EOR services enable you to enter new markets quickly and cost-effectively without the need to establish a local legal entity.

Cost Savings:

Using EOR services allows you to avoid the costs of setting up and maintaining a local entity, along with the associated administrative burdens.

Employee Benefits

EOR providers manage employee benefits, including health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks, ensuring your employees receive competitive benefits packages.

Regulatory Compliance:

EOR providers ensure that all employment and tax regulations are adhered to, minimizing financial and legal risks.


EOR services provide flexibility, allowing you to easily hire new employees or reduce staff according to market demands.

Risk Management

EOR providers help minimize employment and tax risks by ensuring compliance and handling related administrative tasks.

Reduction of Administrative Burdens

EOR services relieve you of administrative tasks such as payroll, tax filing, and employee benefits management.

Local Expertise

EOR providers possess local expertise, ensuring accurate and timely compliance with regulations and tax laws.

Focus on Business Development

EOR services allow your business leadership to concentrate on core business activities and growth, while the EOR provider manages administrative and legal tasks.

Why Choose TILEA HR as Your EOR Service Provider?

Comprehensive Professional Knowledge

Our international experience in tax, accounting, payroll, and HR ensures that our clients receive all necessary services in one place. This extensive expertise allows us to comply with all local and international regulations and seamlessly integrate various systems.

International Workforce Management

Providing EOR and PEO services requires in-depth knowledge of international labor regulations. Tax and accounting laws vary by country, and compliance is crucial for successful operations. Our experts possess the necessary knowledge and experience for the smooth management of international workforces.

Tailored Services

We understand that every business is unique and has specific needs. Therefore, we offer customized solutions that precisely meet your business requirements. Whether it’s tax consulting, payroll services, or HR management, we provide comprehensive, tailored solutions for every area.

Why Are International Tax, Accounting, and Payroll Knowledge Crucial in Providing EOR Services?


Tax Regulations and Compliance

Tax laws vary by country, and it’s crucial for international businesses to be aware of these regulations. In providing EOR services, we ensure compliance with all tax requirements, avoiding financial penalties and legal issues.


Accounting Regulations

Proper bookkeeping and accounting are essential for businesses. Accounting regulations differ by country, and our experts ensure that all financial transactions are recorded accurately and legally.


EOR Expertise


Payroll Obligations

Managing international employees’ payroll can be particularly complex. Compliance with different labor and tax laws is essential to ensure proper employee compensation and lawful business operations.


HR Services

We also have in-depth knowledge in human resources management. Whether it’s recruitment, performance evaluation, or employee benefits, our company offers professional solutions in every area.

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